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We believe that with the proper knowledge and skills, students and professionals can enable successful digital transformations

Our Project

Accelerating entrepreneurship and management through digital upskilling
Helping professional learners to understand what the Digital Transformation is, how it may affect them and how to plan for and leverage upon arising opportunities.
Due to the growing interest in data-driven innovation, organisations have employed countless initiatives to take benefit from new opportunities using big data and data analytics. As a result of the rise of (big) data analytics the adoption of  data-driven decision making systems and processes is accelerated even further
E-skills development for managing digital transformation is crucial for a successful digital transformation leader.
Digital technologies and applications create rapid changes and disruptions on all levels: the individual consumer, the corporate, and the societal. The changes brought about by digital technologies (internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.) necessitate for companies adjustment to the changing ecosystem in order to ensure survival. Companies need to transform the way they do business and to modify their processes. To do so they need new frameworks, new business models and new tools. In this context, an understanding of how conventional and long standing business models must be transformed in order to accommodate the use of digital technologies and the changes in work patterns that accompany them is essential. This would enable organizations to create and capture value from digital tools.
We see digital transformations as the adaptation of public sector capacities, workflows, business processes, operations, methodologies and frameworks to the rapidly evolving dynamics and relations between the stakeholders that are already enabled – and in many instances empowered – by digital environments. Clearly, stages in digital transformations and the contexts determine the need for leadership modes.
Digital Transformation Challenges is a Capstone project, which has the aim to integrate all knowledge gained during the previous specializations of Managing digital transformation, considering that the learners do not need to be content experts on technical matters, but must have developed knowledge, insights and skills that help them to be the driver and manager of a successful digital transformation of the organization involved

Our partners

ACEEU (The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities) 

Leader of IO7 – EU Digital Transformation Certification Framework

Athens University of Economics and Business 

Leader of IO4 – Reimagine organizations – Transformation of Business Models

EIT Urban Mobility

Leader of IO1 – Digital Transformation: A changing society

FH Münster University of Applied Sciences

Leader of IO3 – Boost your digital skills

NOVA IMS Information Management School  

Leader of IO6 – Digital Transformation Challenges 

SAXION University of Applied Sciences  

Leader of IO2 – Data Driven World

University of Twente 

Leader of IO5 – Digital Transformation Leadership